Pinterest’s “pinners”

25 Apr

Pinterest is the third largest social network and the new, successful kid on the block in terms of social media sites. The setup of the site is user-friendly, and the idea of pinning is innovative. Pinterest has done many things right to gain such a name for itself. But, at the core, Pinterest is really about the users. Without the millions of loyal Pinterest “pinners” there would be no success and no site. It is the people who pin and re-pin every day that make the site what it is.

It seems that people are always observant of who is pinning what on Pinterest. For example, The Huffington Post wrote a story this week on the 10 Pinterst users they are currently loving. The article highlights 10 unique and successful Pinterest users. There is a slideshow to click through, exemplifying each person’s pins.

For example, Audrey Marie is one featured “pinner.” They show a picture of her food photography and give a little information about her Pinterest habits. At the bottom, the article even has a link where readers can click to follow Audrey Marie on Pinterest.

While I am no featured Pinterest user, I’d like to share a little about my Pinterest. After sharing the basics and guidelines, I feel it is time for me to show you my Pinterest. Currently, when I pull up my homepage, this is what it looks like:

This is a compilation of everything the people I am following have recently pinned. The sidebar on the left tells me who has recently liked my pins, re-pinned my pins or started following my pins.

I currently have 10 boards that I pin to. I have boards dedicated to things like food, favorite spaces, style, sayings, nails and things that make me laugh.

My three favorite things that I have ever pinned are hard to pick out, but here it goes.

I really love to paint my nails, and I’m always looking for new ideas. I saw this on Pinterest and absolutely loved it. I’m not that creative, but thanks to Pinterest I can have fun, unique nails.

The other day I saw this picture of a fabulous, sparkly ball gown. So, I repinned it.

And, third, is one of my favorite quotes that I discovered on Pinterest.

What I love the most is the fact that these things will always remain on my Pinterest. I can access them and look at them any time. The site is truly a digital scrapbook, and it’s so cool once you start using it. Sometimes if I’m having a bad day, I will go to my “Favorite Sayings” board and look at all of my inspirational quotes. It helps remind me of what is important.

Pinterest is personal, and I think a person’s Pinterest really says a lot about them. I know mine does. I think like this is why it has become such a phenomenon. People can connect with Pinterest and it’s personalized. In a crazy world of generic sites, Pinterest is a haven that lets people discover and pin their hopes and dreams. I feel the personal factor is really what keeps people coming back and pinning to Pinterest.


Pinterest’s success is not without some controversy

25 Apr

While Pinterest has quickly become the third largest social networking site, the journey to success hasn’t been without some hiccups. Recently, there has been some controversy regarding copyright.

An attorney specializing in Internet law, Ruth Carter, says that Pinterest users could be committing a crime every time they pin something. Pinterest users are creating copies of images by pinning them, without the permission of the image owner. This is illegal, since anyone who captures an image owns it and has the rights to it. The owner decides where it can be seen. So, pinning an image of Pinterest is technically against the law, and the owner of the image could sue.

However, a Pinterest user actually being sued due to copyright infringement is unlikely. Most people want their product to be pinned and re-pinned because it is free advertising. But, if someone does have a problem with their image being pinned, they can complain to Pinterest and it will be taken down. This is now even easier since Pinterest recently changed their terms and conditions.

One full-proof way to protect yourself is to ask the owner’s permission to pin their image. If the owner says it is okay, then you will not be vulnerable to copyright infringement.

However, Pinterest has thousands and thousands of loyal followers, and the site is not going anywhere. People continue to faithfully pin and re-pin each day.

Pinterest is valuable to small businesses

22 Apr

Pinterest is a popular social media site that has addicted countless users. People can spend hours of their day pinning things on Pinterest and indulging in the fun of the site. But, can Pinterest be more than just a simple pastime? Well, lately it seems small business owners have been discovering ways Pinterest can benefit them.

Small business owners have begun to notice the expedited growth of Pinterest and the value of the site as an effective marketing tool. Pinterest truly does offer several benefits to small business owners. Pinterest provides a new way for small businesses to promote themselves. The site allows small businesses to create pin boards that display and promote products and services they offer. Small businesses can also be creative and try new things on Pinterest that will attract an audience. Pinterest allows businesses to interact with and engage their customers.

For instance, this board is dedicated to J. Crew and its products. Pinterest users can see J. Crew’s latest fashions and then re-pin, like or comment on them. While J. Crew is not a small business, this is just one example of how a business has been successful in using Pinterest to promote their products. Using Pinterest helps the company gain loyal followers and helps with their branding.


Small businesses can make Pinterest work for them by doing several things. The first step is to launch a Pinterest account for your small business. Also, be sure to add a “Pin It” button to your site. Crowdsource using Pinterest. Encourage your followers to upload pictures of themselves with your products and to interact with your page. And, most importantly, make sure you tie  your branding and online presence together across all social media platforms. Add the Pinterest logo to your homepage, right next to your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter logos.

While Pinterest is not for all businesses, you won’t know unless you try. Pinterest is definitely a hot site right now that could help small businesses. You and your small business will get out of the site what you put in. Give it a try.

View Facebook like a Pinterest board

21 Apr

Pinterest is the new “it” site and has many loyal followers. Users love the set up of the site that makes it simple to browse many images at one time. The success of Pinterest has now inspired a new way to view Facebook.

If Facebook‘s new Timeline feature overwhelms you, no need to fret. Now, there is a new Facebook app that allows you to see your Facebook like a Pinterest board. The brand new Facebook app, PinView, was launched Thursday. PinView displays your Facebook just like Pinterest displays images on Pinboards. This app makes it possible for you to “browse Facebook like you browse Pinterest,” which is the slogan being used to advertise the new app.

For people who like the way Pinterest is set up, this app is very appealing. It is exactly like viewing Pinterest. You can click to view posts from your News Feed, your Timeline, friends, photos or videos. Everything appears as a pin, like on Pinterest. If you click on your own profile, it looks like a Pinterest board. Instead of the overwhelming Timeline display, you can view several posts or “pins” at once. It is much more user friendly.

So, how do you make your Facebook look like Pinterest? Well, with just a few easy steps. Search PinView on Facebook and “like it.” Then, you have to allow the app to have access to your News Feed. After that you can begin viewing your Facebook content as Pinterest pins. The app is very easy to use and navigate. PinView will change the way you can view your Facebook, but your friends will still view everything as before. Your Facebook will only resemble Pinterest when you are using the PinView app page.

For Pinterest lovers, this app is perfect. This app is also a perfect example of just how popular Pinterest really is and what a successful site it has become.

Women and Pinterest

19 Apr

A recent University of Alabama study on women’s use of technology found that women have fully embraced Pinterest. In fact, the majority of Pinterest users are women. The two researchers said they think more women are now using this new site because others sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, aren’t fulfilling certain needs. Pinterest seems to be more popular with women because it allows for more interaction and conversation.

So, Pinterest is very popular among women. But, how are women using this site?

Well, a popular trend that has developed among women is using Pinterest to plan weddings. A perfect example of this Pinterest phenomena is the Pinterest Bride. Pinterest is changing the way that brides plan their weddings. Brides are creating boards on Pinterest for different aspects of the big event. Some people have entire wedding boards, even if they’re not engaged yet. Alicia Carlson is one of these people. Her “…someday!” board is a wish list of things for her future wedding day.

Brides are giving potential bouquets, hairstyles and gowns their own boards. This cyber approach to planning a wedding allows brides to easily create a plan and have instant access to it all of the time. Pinterest also provides brides with new, interesting ideas for the big day. From cute ways to ask friends to be bridesmaids to favors for the guests, Pinterest has it all for brides-to-be.

Women of all kinds are starting wedding boards. Just look at how many there are.

Women are all over the Pinterest site, and they are discovering new ways to use it every day.

Different industries using Pinterest

15 Apr

Pinterest is a valuable tool for several industries. Now, businesses are beginning to use Pinterest to their advantage. gives 14 tips for how businesses can use Pinterest. The tips urge businesses to first decide if Pinterest could be of use to their needs. If so, then they should request and invitation and set up an account. In order to attract customers, businesses should create and categorize pin boards. The boards should tell a story that will interest customers and contain unique information. Things that businesses pin should be interesting. Businesses should also be sure to include their URL and be an active member of the Pinterest community. The point is to make connections and involve customers. The tips also say to get employees involved and pin when most customers are likely to be online. Finally, check out who is re-pinning your pins and see what the competition is pinning.

More and more businesses and sites are connecting with Pinterest. On many sites, you will find a button at the bottom of the page that will allow you to share through Pinterest. For example, on J. Crew’s site it gives a “Pin it” icon at the bottom of the page, next to the Facebook and email options. This “Pin it” option is new and allows online shoppers to connect with and share J. Crew through their Pinterest profile.


Pinterest is a whole new online world that businesses are starting to use to their advantage. If someone sees a dress he or she likes on J. Crew’s site and pins it to their Pinterest profile, their followers will see it. People will see the dress and that it is made by J. Crew. It is basically like free advertising.

Pinterest’s proven popularity

10 Apr

Pinterest is continuing to increase in popularity. The site continues to gain loyal followers and make a name for itself online. According to a new report, Pinterest is now the third most popular social network in the United States. This 2012 Digital Marketer report from Experian explores the site in depth and examines its success so far. The report shows that most users are female, in fact 66 percent are female. And 55 percent are between the ages of 25 and 44.

“This data indicates that Pinterest visitors have a different profile versus their counterparts visiting other social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube,” according to the report.

The report also says that Pinterest could be used as a tool to help foster meaningful connections between retailers and consumers. Users are constantly pinning and posting photos of brand name products that they love, from Kate Spade phone cases to Channel dresses. Because of this, Experian sees massive potential in the site for retail marketing.

“As communities become less about friends and more about common interests, retail brands in particular need to take note if they want to make more meaningful connections with their customers,” Experian said.

Coming in third place, after Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest had 104,415,903 unique visits last month alone, a big jump in numbers for the site since it launched in March 2010. The data from the report shows how Pinterest now has more visitors than LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+.

There is no doubt that Pinterest is on the rise, gaining strength and here to stay.